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How I Got More Likes For My Business Facebook Page

September 22, 2016

I run a small business and have not been able to set up a fully functional website just yet.  Unfortunately, doing such a thing takes some time and effort that I just do not have at the moment.  However, one promotional tool that I have been able to utilize has been social media.  This, of course, is a tool that is absolutely free, and so it is one that all business owners ought to take advantage of.  However, it can be difficult to get your Facebook page seen by a lot of people.  Instead of trying to invite a whole lot of people to like my page manually, I decided to go ahead and purchase a service that will automatically promote my page in order to get me Facebook likes.

The more likes that any Facebook page has, the more likely it is that people will see the posts to it.  If more people see the pages posts, you will gain more recognition for your business.  The fact is, there are many local businesses that do not actually have websites and simply use social media for their promotion.  If they get enough likes, they never actually have to use an actual website, and can encourage customers to walk into their business simply by using their Facebook page, which is completely free.

This is something that I would definitely recommend that all small businesses do, whether they have their own business website or not.  Because Facebook is a free social media site to use, paying a separate company to promote the page in order to get more likes is really not that difficult of an expense to handle, and it is one that has definitely been worth it in my experience.